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Middle-class Indian Boy, Turned Techie Genius

Posted on October 1st, 2017 in Company News

New York, N.Y. (September 20, 2017) – As a Node.js based full stack web application developer, Sundeep Narang has quickly gone from NYU student to Senior Software Developer at one of the leading EDGAR filing firm in the country, Quality Edgar Solutions. For the last two years, Narang has single-handedly created enterprise-scale applications that have been revolutionizing SEC filings and is launching yet another state-of-the-art application that will facilitate the automation and filing of the N-PORT and N-CEN forms.


Quality EDGAR Solutions, a full-service SEC regulatory filing agent and financial printer whose mission is to provide clients with white glove customer service at a fair and reasonable price, is where Narang has hung his techie hat. Headquartered in New York City, the company, which maintains a technology division, led by Narang, devoted to developing cutting edge tools to assist clients with regulatory filings, recently announced its latest development that will facilitate the automation and filing of the N-PORT and N-CEN forms. The new system, developed solely by Narang, will comply with new SEC rules as well as mutual fund reporting.

“Working at Quality EDGAR Solutions, I have been able to feed my need to be creative,” said Narang. “I have the freedom and flexibility to take an abstract idea and turn it into something that is real and tangible. More importantly, I have been able to build all of this on the latest technology, creating systems and applications that no one else is doing on this level. It’s exhilarating.”


Narang immigrated to the U.S. after being accepted into New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering, where he received a Master’s of Science degree in Computer Science. Originally a student of electronic engineering, he switched to computer science research realizing there would be more opportunity for him in America.


While there, Narang built several systems and applications including ETC Unite, a system to help corporations and unions negotiate labor contracts. This system was certified by SAP and showcased at “SAP Sapphire Now 2014.” It was also initially used by the Association of Flight Attendants for United Airlines.


In addition to his work on the ETC Unite project, he also worked with Clickdaily, Inc. to create a tool that helped small businesses manage and market their business. Narang built a one-stop shop for businesses where they could control all their social networks, oversee marketing and manage day to day tasks.


“Sundeep Narang is an extraordinary young man…He took the challenge of bringing our development to New York, New York from Minsk, Belarus and delivered on it. Only an individual with extraordinary ability in the field could do that,” said Frank Peter Cuneo, CEO of Remington Products and Marvel Comics.


His latest work is the software that was just released. Built on the latest technology platforms, similar to what other digital industry giants, like Facebook and Google, are developing on, this innovative system is dynamic and malleable unlike the older technology that other financial printers are utilizing. 


“We have worked hard at getting ahead of the curve in the financial services reporting realm to be able to offer our clients a better, faster, and less expensive way to be compliant with their reporting. Sundeep has been instrumental in both the technological growth, as well as the growth of the company, over the last two years. The development of our interactive document management portal called EDGAR EDGE and our new N-PORT and N-CEN solutions affords Quality EDGAR Solutions clients the most cutting edge tools in the industry,” said Quality EDGAR Solutions Director of Operations, David Rosenfeld.


In addition to the latest filing system, Narang has developed several other notable node.js applications including an internal database system, a translation system, and an interactive document management portal for Quality EDGAR Solutions clients.


Narang attributes his focused, hardworking ethics to his father, a retired math teacher still living in India.


To find out more about Quality EDGAR Solutions, its latest developments and services, visit them at www.QualityEDGARSolutions.com.



About Quality EDGAR Solutions

Quality EDGAR Solutions is a full-service SEC regulatory filing agent and financial printer whose mission is to provide clients with white glove customer service at a fair and reasonable price. Headquartered in New York City, the company maintains a technology division, as well as a team of accountants and CPAs to ensure the highest level of Quality Control in XBRL filings. Since 2007, Quality EDGAR has grown to a staff of 30 with more than 150 clients, and offers a broad range of services from EDGAR filing and proprietary software, to financial printing and typesetting and graphic design work.